Thursday, February 16, 2017

Call to the Poets

Where are the poets?
Where are their deep sonorous voices,
their caves hidden far within mountains?

Poets, I call you.

Where do they cry so no one hears,
espousing the distance
between God and humanity?

Poets I call you by darkness,
I call you by light.

Their burning embers are the eyes
that can see,
unblinded by night.

Poets, I call you by
your multi-faceted names,
your dominions,
your many lives in former places.

You and your spoken word
work their way into
the sands of our minds
as the sea—our castles

demolished each day
and washed away
into Solomon’s tomb,
where his wives glow with aqua stones.

If a poet would speak,
the poem would live
in our shallow heartbeats, in the deep
trenches of our borders.

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